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Flotation incubators NYS-800

New: Flotation incubator type NYS-800

This hatchery allows you to raise fish from the eye stage to the fry stage. In foreign countries, a compound pond (nursery + grow-out pond) is used to raise fry, which is 300mm high. Therefore, when rearing a large number of fry, several concrete ponds and a considerable area for them are required. Considering these difficulties, we invented the NYS-800 flotation hatchery, which can be used as a nursery and rearing pond at the same time. What is the NYS-800 flotation hatchery?

The advantage of this incubator is a significant reduction in material costs
1) This incubator has a compact design, but it can be used as a nursery. Therefore, there is no need to build separate hatcheries in the plant, which reduces the number of workers and saves money.
2) Using a hatchery in conjunction with a grow-out pond provides the opportunity to reduce the number of ponds, thereby reducing construction costs.

The advantage of this hatchery is a high juvenile release rate.
1) This incubator holds 200 thousand eggs at the chum salmon eye stage (approximately 50 kg), but the incubator has a very compact design, which makes it easy to monitor its operation and maintenance. Eggs at the eyed and embryo stage are not stressed.
2) This hatchery gives you the opportunity to use spring water, which allows you to create a healthy natural atmosphere for the fry.
3) At the top of the incubator, the water is overflowed simultaneously from four points to ensure a steady supply of oxygen to the water.
4) This incubator is made of PVC, which is a fish-friendly substance.

What is required to use an incubator?
1) Concrete floor with a level surface – the incubator should stand on a level place.
2) It is necessary to provide the incubator with spring or ground water, which does not have a strong temperature difference. The water volume is 50l/min.
3) Oxygen involvement in the water in the upper 7.0 mL/L (10ppm) is required.

Salmon roe sorting machine type SED

1) The accuracy of roe sorting is improved
The penetration of dead eggs into live eggs is less than 1%.
2) Sorts over 400,000 to 450,000 eggs per hour.
3) This unit is made of steel and aluminum, making it rust-free.
4) This machine is designed for sorting eggs of chum salmon, pink salmon and other salmon fish only.
5) The device is easy to operate and can be used by anyone. There are only three control buttons on this machine.

Knife to collect salmon eggs

Table for collecting salmon eggs

Salmon roe transportation container

Hatchery equipment

Incubator type BOX and ATKINS
Hatching Pipes and Hatching trays for ponds

Other Equipment

Aerator, rinsing tank for fertilized eggs, water supply tank
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